Please find the details for obtaining USA Visa.

List of documents are as follows: (Please note the below is a temporary list, final document list will be emailed after confirming your appointment)

Application form

We will provide this form once we confirm an appointment for you

Passport and UK Visa

We will provide this form once we confirm an appointment for you

Photos x 2

Scan and email 50×50 new

School letter

University/ school/college letter, only for students

Benefits - Pension

Only if Applicant’s on Benefits/Retired provide letter

Business Visa

Invitation letter

Accountant letter

Only for Self-employed

Employer’s letter

Only if employed

Payslips x3

Only if Employed

Bank statements

3 months bank statement

Travel insurance

Scan and email 50×50 new

Proof of travel

To and return ticket


Proof of hotel booking/invitation

Fill out the online form

Four simple steps to apply for a visa.

Appointment form

For us to secure you an appointment to attend the Embassy, please complete the attached Appointment Booking Form and email it to us as soon as possible. Upon confirming the date of your appointment we will guide you through the documentation.


Once we receive your completed Appointment Booking form, our service charges are £350 per person including embassy fees payable to Avivavisa.

Documentation checking

Starts once you have sent us your completed  Appointment Booking Form and only after our fees has been made by you. As per our service, please choose from the following options to assist you in verification of your documents.

Option 1: Postal service: Kindly post us all your requested documents to the below address and we will post it back to you. Nonetheless, you will need to submit your documents in person on the day of your interview. (Please enclose a prepaid self- addressed Special delivery envelope).

Option 2: Collection service: Please post us your documents accordingly we will prepare your file and keep it for your collection. You can collect it from our office on the same day of your interview and submit it to the embassy.

Option 3: Documentation in Person: You can visit our office with all your requested documents and we shall assess your documents on the same day. Nevertheless, you will need to submit your documents in person on the day of your interview.

Option 4: Documents by email: Please scan and email us your documents for verification and we shall assess your documents and reply you. Nevertheless, you will need to physically submit your documents in person on the day of your interview.

Attending the Embassy

Applicants’ attendance is mandatory on their Appointment date at the embassy. Upon successful submitting and completing the process you will be notified to collect your documents. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: We strongly advise you to provide your valid documents for us to physically verify before you go for your appointment. Appointments/Completed Application once sent or booked our service charges are non refundable or transferable. AVIVAVISAS WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY LOSSES.

Embassy may ask for additional documents and it is the responsibility of the applicants to provide those in time. Please note that all decisions regarding the issuance of visa, duration and number of entries are at the sole discretion of the Consulate.

We look forward to hearing from you should you require any further assistance.


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Avivavisas is not affiliated with any government organisation. We are a UK registered company providing assistance to members of the public in applying for a visa.

Our charges will not be implemented if you apply directly to the respective Consulates. For further information, please click on the embassy links on the relevant country’s page. You can also view the price charts here.

We provide professional and friendly one-to-one dedicated and systematic consultation to ascertain our clients meet the prerequisite of the embassy and to avoid being refused or undergo unnecessary delays. Our service includes booking the necessary appointments, and verifying and preparing documents. We can also be instructed to attend embassies, collect, post and deliver visas on behalf of our clients. Please note additional postage and packaging fees may apply if you want us to post. This service is made to save you time and unnecessary pressure.

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