Terms and condition

Terms and conditions
AvivaVisa agency is an  independent agency who accepts instructions only upon the terms and conditions are herein agreed by service users.
AvivaVisa agency acts as a third party agent on behalf of their clients in the submission of applications for visa to appropriate organisations.
AvivaVisa agency will endeavour to deliver finest customer services in processing your visas applications, passports and/or documents at the clients’ request. However, AvivaVisas shall not be held liable for its own actions of any kind or by embassies or consulates or passport offices or agents such as unexpected and unexplained delays or refusal of visas, loss or damage to passports or other documentations for any reason.
AvivaVisa will not be held responsible for expenses incurred due to incomplete application forms or delay caused by embassy in processing applications or mistakes on application forms or inadequate supporting documentation or security checks. Any expense or cost incurred by the client due to these delays or non-issuances of visa shall not be the responsibility of, nor shall any charges be levied upon AvivaVisa agency. Travel tickets should be purchased prior to the visa issued as specified by consulate nonetheless we recommend you to obtain an open tickets. Avivavisa advises you to confirm your flight only after Avivavisa confirming you an appointment.
AvivaVisa will not be held responsible should a passport, document or other item be lost, misplaced, damaged, delayed or destroyed by any means including royal mail, couriers and agents. The loss shall be borne by the client and any contribution to the costs shall be entirely at the discretion of the director of AvivaVisa.
AvivaVisa will not be held responsible if Consulate/embassies fees fluctuate as rules changes time and again without prior notice. Must such changes ensue between the time of the original client request and the time when the visa is obtained, the client is accountable for paying the new charges as our prices are governed by exchange rates.
AvivaVisa reserves the right to raise its charges at any time with or without prior notice. Avivavisa service charges are non-refundable. However, if applicant decides to withdraw their instruction for whatsoever reason, £40 per person will be deducted from the total amount. If Avivavisa have begun work or confirmed an appointment or during the process the applicant decides to withdraw their instructions money is non-refundable. If Avivavisa is unable to confirm an appointment Avivavisa will refund your money but £15 per person will be charged as administrative fees. If you want us to reschedule your appointment additional service charges of £30 will be applied.
Payments made via credit card 6% transaction charges will incur on all credit cards. We do not accept American express credit card.
In an event of visa refusal by the relevant consulate or applications turned down/not accepted by an embassy, the client is still liable to pay the AvivaVisa fees and, where applicable, any fee levied by the consulate or visa centre to consider the application. Our prices may change without prior notice due changes in costs. Once work has been processed AvivaVisa will not refund the fees paid by the client.
AvivaVisas reserves the right not to return passports and documents until payments have been cleared in total. In an event of withdrawal refunds will be possible on the basis that request is received well before visa has been applied only embassy fees will be refunded. Avivavisa service charges are non-refundable. If clients request is made for withdrawal after documents are submitted in the embassy/consulate, we will endeavour to follow the instruction however full charges will apply. Similarly upon obtaining visas and for any reasons clients are requesting refunds/disputing we shall not entertained such acts.
AvivaVisas reserves the right to decline to handle any applications or carry any further instructions at any time without giving any reasons at its total discretion, and to revise the terms and conditions as it may require.